Karpathos is the second largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands, in the southeastern Aegean Sea.

For unforgettable moments visit the island’s villages. The most renowned aegean village of Karpathos is Olympos. It holds onto its ancient old dialect and customs, making the settlement a living museum. Stop by the second port of the island and fisherman’s village Diafani. Don’t miss the mountainous village of Aperi, once known as a spiritual center and capital of the island. Climb up to the top of the hill where the ancient Acropolis of Karpathos lies and drink in the stunning panoramic view.

If you enjoy walking, head to Volada Village, where narrow white alleys and yards lined with bougainvilleas as well as various paths on the Lastou plateau await to fulfill your adventurous desires. Othos is built 510m above sea level making it the highest village on the island. Make sure to pass by the Folklore Museum, which is housed in a traditional Karpathian house, and showcases the life on the island as it once was. You’ll get the chance to enjoy a “rustic” experience in one of the island’s traditional feasts, which are carried out in honour of Agios Panteleimonas and Agios Georgios Methystis.

Lefko is a famous seaside village with sandy beaches. Pay a visit to the Acropolis at Pelekito and the 13th century church of Agios Georgios. Make sure you crossover to the islet of Sokastro, home to various Byzantine and Medieval ruins; this piece of land once was a peninsula of Karpathos that got separated by an earthquake.

If you happen to be a romantic at heart, go by Mesochori, with its beautiful traditional Karpathian houses and their cobblestone yards. Menetes is built on Profitis Ilias Hill, where you can see the island’s most renowned church, Koimisis Theotokou, which houses a large collection of vases, sculptures and religious icons that have been found in the area.

The Palaiokastro Hill in Arkasa Village is home to ruins dating back to antiquity, the Venetian and the Ottoman occupation. Don’t miss the Archaeological Museum and the 4th century paleochristian church of Agia Anastasia with its marvelous mosaics.

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