Trikala village in Corinthia

Trikala village in Corinthia

Trikala village in Corinthia has become quite known among locals and tourists alike.

Lavish hotels and spa resorts have popped up, transforming the once low-key region into one of the must-visit winter destinations in Greece.

Luckily, its reputation hasn’t reached the level of Arachova yet so it isn’t nearly as crowded. Not yet at least. Trikala village in Corinthia consists of three settlements – the Upper, Middle, and Lower Trikala. Stone houses, scenic squares and traditional taverns with fireplaces compose the scenery in each one of them. Mount Kyllini, Ziria ski center and Limni Stymfalia are close to Trikala providing great opportunities for one-day trips in the countryside.

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