Telendos is a small island of great beauty and peace.

It extends over a surface of 5 km2 and counts approximately 60 inhabitants, while it’s only 700 m W, away from Myrties, of Kalymnos island. During antiquity and until the middle of 6th century A.C, Telendos was united with Kalymnos.

It is believed that in between Kalymnos and Telendos, there was the area of the ancient city Mesos. But a strong earthquake in 554 A.C. caused serious landslides and damages in the settlements, having as a result sinking of the area between Kalymnos and Telendos. The island flourished during Palaeochristian period (4th – 7th cen.).

The one and only settlement of the island is built across the canal of Kalymnos-Telendos. In the south part of the island there is a gorgeous pine-trees forest, along with the remnants of Byzantine houses; it’s also worth visiting the chapel of Ai-Giorgis, in order to enjoy the sunset, the Palaeochristian necropolis and the castle of Aghios Constantinos. You may swim at Chochlaka, Plaka, Potha and Paradise beaches, while the island is ideal for “diving” into the ancient city located between Kalymnos and Telendos, trekking, spear-gun fishing. It can be reached by boat from the bay of Myrties, at Kalymnos island .


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