Andros, possessing a great maritime tradition, is balanced between cosmopolitan, classic and alternative ways. The island’s cultural aspect and naval past are discernible everywhere. Andros’ many museums, archaeological sites, medieval mansions and exceptional gastronomy offer a complete experience for visitors. The island’s tremendous variety, on all levels, is a key reason why many Athenians have decided to build or purchase holiday homes on Andros.

Strong local winds, which are common all over the Cyclades, are not a deterrent for visitors, but, instead, serve as an incentive for water sports and related activities. The island’s numerous beaches offer plenty of choice, sure to satisfy all preferences. The range includes golden sandy beaches with shallow water, secluded coves ideal for diving, beaches offering lavish experiences, including luxury sunbeds, as well as the freedom to simply lay your towel under a tamarisk tree.

Andros offers impressive greenery, mountains, fertile plains and running waters, features that distinguish the island from more barren settings typically found in the Cyclades, without breaking it away from Cycladic charm and style. Andros’ landscape offers changing images and experiences.

Hora, the main town, is dominated by neoclassical mansions, marble paved streets, churches and museums, all making for fascinating strolls around the town’s alleys, a delightful experience filled with historical references.

Heading down to the coast, the island’s vibe alters and is shaped by tavernas, hotels and bars. These spots all generate a vibrant scene at the town’s entertainment hub, offering food, dessert and drink choices for all ages.

Andros’ dense greenery offers serenity. The natural setting includes numerous trails, ravines, waterfalls, as well as picturesque villages with tower houses, water mills and chapels. Trekking enthusiasts, in particular, can expect to find an extensive network of trails totaling 180 km. Uphill and downhill stretches, as well as routes alongside running water, are all part of the trekking experience. The Andros Route, as it has been dubbed, has become well known amongst trekkers. This route has been given “Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe” classification, based on the high standards set by the European Ramblers Association.